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The idea of opening the spy shop came from the law enforcement background that Ricardo Tamez acquired from working at McAllen Police Department for 18 years.  During his tenure as a police officer and criminal investigator Ricardo worked from petty theft investigations up to capital murder cases.  Soon after leaving the police department he begin his own Private Investigation company which enabled him to work on a variety of personal injury cases as well as criminal defense work.  RGV SpyTek went from a mere thought to a reality and in 2008 opened its doors to offer the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley its very own exclusive spy shop.  The original store was located at a small upstairs office. Within 3 years that location became too small and the number of customers was rapidly growing so RGV SpyTek moved in January 2011 to its current address located at 3620 N. 23rd St. McAllen, Texas.

At RGV SpyTek our mission is to provide the best personal service and support, so our customers can make well informed decisions when protecting their families or homes.


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