Hat Camera

SKU: HC199
Tachyon Ops HD Hat Camera. Uses up to a 32GB Memory Card. See product description for details.

Video Resolution & Frames Per Second HD 720p - 30 FPS - MPEG 4, H.264 Image Sensor High-Dynamic Sensor for extraordinary light sensitivity and adaptability. Time-Lapse Photo One Image Every 2 Seconds until you stop. Shockproofing Internal shake-proof battery prevents loss of video. (the most common problem with helmet cameras) Field Of View 125° - Wide Angle. Gather more of the action than ever. * With the wide angle, there will be a slight fish-eye effect. Operation One-button easy-to-use operation. Memory Cards & Recording Time Micro SDHC 4 GB-32 GB. Always use Class 6 or higher. A common 4GB card will record right approximately 1 hour. Battery Life Internal Rechargeable Batteries.. Approximately 4 hours on a single charge of the lithium ion battery.