Counter Surveillance Probe/Monitor

Detects and Locates Electronic Surveillance Devices


  • Detects and locates eavesdropping devices (digital and analog), radio frequency devices and carrier current transmitters
  • Audio frequency range of 100 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Very Low Frequency range of 15 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Radio Frequency range of 50 kHz to 3 GHz


  • CPM-700 Unit
  • Power adapter for rechargeable batteries
  • Headphones
  • Standard RF Probe: locates transmitters that run on a frequency up to 3 GHz
  • TVLF Adapter: tests for carrier current devices on a pair of conductors
  • Auxiliary Input Amplifier: used to listen for hidden microphones or modifications to any equipment
  • VLF Probe: tests for carrier current bugs that use AC wiring as a transmission path
  • Carrying case
  • Training Tape