Trackimo Real-Time GPS Tracker

Small, Real-Time GPS Tracker that works in a variety of countries throughout the world and includes 1 year of service.


  • Real-Time GPS Tracker1: view anytime on a device with internet connection such as a computer, laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.
  • 48 - 96 hour Battery Life
  • Extend the Battery up to 21 days with the optional Extended Battery and Magnetic Box (sold separately)
  • Wire to a Vehicle or Boat with the optional Hard Wire Kit (sold separately)
  • No Service Contract Required
  • Track Almost Anywhere in the World
  • Interval Tracking: tracks every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 or 120 minutes when the device is in motion
  • Wi-Fi Tracking3: assists in updating the location when the signal strength is low and there is Wi-Fi in the area
  • Tracking History: check on the history every hour, 24 hours or a custom set of days
  • SOS Button: when pressed the device will send an alert to designated contacts via text or email in the event of an emergency
  • Left and Right Buttons: when pressed the device will send a personalized message to designated contacts via text or email
  • Speed Limit Alerts: when a set speed is passed the device will send an alert to designated contacts via text or email
  • Low Battery Alerts: when the battery reaches 20% an alert will be sent to designated contacts via text or email
  • Start Moving Alerts: when the device is stopped for 5 minutes then begins moving again the device will send an alert to designated contacts via text or email
  • Geo Zone Alert: if the device goes out of a selected area the device will send an alert to designated contacts via text or email
  • For the SOS, Left Button, Right Button and All Alerts you can set the device to only send alerts to select contacts
  • Share the Location4 via a URL or Embeded Code for 1 hour, 5 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours or a Custom Time Range and deactivate the link at any time
  • Small and Compact Size: dimensions of 1.8" x 1.6" x 0.7" (47mm x 40mm x 17mm)
  • Lightweight: 1.4 ounces (42 grams) without battery
  • Free Application for iPhone and Android5
  • Track and Manage Multiple Devices with a Single Account


The Trackimo Real-Time GPS Tracker includes (1) year of unlimited tracking and (10) text messages per month6.


The box includes a Trackimo Real-Time GPS Tracker, Rechargeable Battery, Micro USB Charging Cable, Battery Door, Battery Door with Clip, Silicon Case, Magnet, Velcro, Lanyard, Instruction Manual and Warranty. 



1. Real-time GPS trackers, require a monthly service.

2. Battery life depends on various factors such as how much the device moves, what interval the GPS is set at, signal strength, temperature, etc.

3. There is no need to know the password for any of the Wi-Fi networks.

4. When the location is shared, the shared user can ONLY see the location of the device on a map and cannot change the settings, view the history or anything else on the account.

5. Some settings/adjustments can only be done while logged into your account via a computer.

6. Addition text messages can be purchased via logging into your account via a computer. United States phone numbers start at plans of $3 per month. The price and plans offered can change depending on the country.