Wireless Motion Transmitter

SKU: DCMT-2500
Additional Motion Sensor for the Wireless Motion Alert 2500 Kit.

This sensor is most commonly sold as an additional Motion Sensor for the Wireless Motion Alert 2500 Kit or other DCR-2500 receivers.


  • Up to a 1/2 mile Transmission Range1 between the Motion Sensor and Receiver (sold separately).
  • Motion Sensor Detection Range of approximately 50ft.2
  • Adjustable Sensitivity of low, medium and high
  • Filter Mode for indoor or outdoor use
  • an LED that turns on for several seconds when motion is detected (can be turned off)
  • 10 or 120 second Reset Time which "turns off" the motion sensor for a set time after the sensor has been triggered
  • 8 Dip Switches for Coding Purposes
  • Operating Range: -30°F to 110°F (-34.44°C to 43.33°C)


Powered by a 9-Volt Battery (not included)


The box includes a DCMT-2500 Wireless Transmitter, Plate Mount, Swivel Mount, Mounting Screws and Instruction Manual.


1. Range will vary depending on conditions and terrain.

2. Motion detection range is approximate and depends on the conditions, amount of motion, etc.